The 7 Ways Price-Cutters Cut Corners And Put Homeowners At Risk

  1. Many price-cutters do not carry the proper insurance which lowers their overhead and your price. Make sure the company you are using is fully insured and can prove it. Otherwise, your home or savings could be at risk.
  2. Many price-cutters do not use lowering lines to ensure safe tree removal; this is especially important if there is any wind. Not using them can injure workers and damage your property.
  3. Make sure that the company will do all cuts and necessary measurements for safe removal of trees.
  4. Make sure that you are 100% clear on exactly what work will be done. Price-cutters often skip items that they have implied and, when questioned, reply “I never said that.” Make sure you have a written estimate that spells out the work to be done, as well as the price.
  5. Make sure you understand what clean-up and yard repairs are going to be performed. A quality tree service will always leave the property in great shape, even if that means coming back in the springtime to repair ruts and damage following a frost.
  6. Make sure that the firm is willing to move, out of harm’s way, lawn objects and outdoor furniture. We hear complaints all the time about price-cutters who ruined lawn objects and outdoor furniture; just to save a little time.
  7. Look for a long-standing firm with deep community roots; ones that trade on their excellent reputation. Look for a company that has a high percentage of repeat business, like Suffern Tree Service.These characteristics are tell-tale signs of a quality tree service; one that never cuts corners on quality, delivers five- star service, keeps your trees healthy and makes your property look great.