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Tree Pruning in Rockland County

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The Value of Professional Tree Pruning and Trimming

Forest trees grow quite well with only nature’s pruning, but for quality landscape design, trees require a higher level of tree care to maintain their safety and aesthetics. A complete understanding of how each tree responds to cutting is the key to professional trimming and pruning. Improper pruning can cause damage that will last the tree’s lifetime, or worse, shorten the tree’s life and decrease your property’s value.  On the other hand, professional trimming not only enhances the beauty of your property and the strength of your trees but also increases the worth of your real estate.  This is why it is critical that you only let a true professional prune your trees.  If you have questions about tree pruning in Rockland County, give us a call at 845-353-4505 – Andrew will be glad to help.

Tree pruning and trimmin enhance Rockland County landscape desing and property vlaues
Tree pruning for Rockland County

Want Healthy Beautiful Trees?

Suffern Tree Delivers Expert Pruning in Rockland

Pruning large trees can be dangerous. If the pruning project involves working above ground or using power equipment, it is best to hire a professional tree care service. An experienced tree professional can determine the type of pruning that is necessary to improve the health, appearance, and safety of your trees. Suffern Tree Service can provide the services of a trained crew, with all of the required safety equipment and liability insurance. Additionally, you can depend on Suffern Tree’s president, Andrew Owen, who has over twenty-five years of experience in tree trimming in Rockland County. He knows what to do to keep your trees as healthy and beautiful as possible. He knows the land and the soil conditions and will advise you regarding the best way to trim and prune and care for your trees.

Our Goal Is To Deliver The Best Value In Tree Pruning & Trimming

With 5-Star Service And Care To Each Of Our Rockland Customers

Suffern Tree Service Inc. is dedicated to delivering the best tree pruning and trimming service in Rockland County, NY. The original owner, Rick Gilmour, built the company by providing premium arborist and tree care and services priced fairly. The current owner, Andrew Owen, was born and raised in the county. He is very aware that most people want their trees and yard to reflect positively on them. In a word, they want them to look great. Suffern Tree Service gives each job the same attention and care, whether your trees need simple trimming maintenance or pruning that must be done from a bucket truck. For over 40 years, our reputation has been built by delivering tree care excellence, know-how, and advice. And doing so with friendly, personal service, all at fair rates. Call us at 845-353-4505 and discover why many people consider Suffern Tree Service Rockland’s best value in tree pruning and trimming.

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How to Select The Best Tree Service or Arborist For Your Needs

The health and appearance of trees are most affected by the person with the pruning saw. Proper planting, pruning and care of a new tree can lead to a structurally strong and healthy tree that will last for many years. Improper care can drastically shorten the life of a tree and waste the money and time invested in raising it to maturity.

Professional tree companies in Rockland will perform tree work properly and safely, but an unqualified service may further damage the tree, and more importantly may not be insured, leaving the liability burden to the client.  For more information request our free ebook “The Buyers’ Guide To Tree Services” below

The Buyers’ Guide To Tree Services 

This eBook teaches you how to  find exceptional value in tree services Including:

  • Everything You Should Know About Tree Services
    In Order To Find The Best Value For Your Needs
  • How To Compare Tree Services
  • 6 Keys For Hiring A Professional Tree Company
  • 9 Keys To Knowing What You Are Getting For Your Money
  • The 7 Ways Price-Cutters Cut Corners And Put Homeowners At Risk
  • 9 Benefits Well Groomed Trees

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    Tree blogs & articles to help Rockland homeowners become educated consumers

    How to select a tree service that is best for you

    The health and appearance of trees are most affected by the person performing the tree trimming. Proper planting, pruning, and care of a new tree can lead to a structurally strong and healthy tree that will live for many years.

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    How to Determine What You are Getting for Your Money from A Tree Service

    Every Rockland homeowner deserves to know what they are receiving from a tree company. A written estimate is a good start, but does it clearly spell out how to determine what company is delivering the best value?

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    The 7 Ways Tree Removal Price-Cutters Cut Corners and Put Home-Owners at Risk

    1. Many price-cutters do not carry the proper insurance, which lowers their overhead and your price. Make sure the tree company you are using is fully insured and can prove it. Otherwise, your home or savings could be at risk. From pruning to complex tree removal, make sure the job is done correctly so that your family is safe, and your pocketbook is protected.

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    Quality Tree Care Services In Rockland County are not inexpensive.

    A true tree professional must carry several kinds of insurance as well as pay for expensive and specialized equipment. Beware of estimates that fall well below the average. There may be hidden costs, or the company or individual may not be fully insured or trained. When you have tree problems in Rockland, remember the old-time saying “Quality isn’t expensive…it is priceless”. At Suffern Tree, we will never sacrifice quality. Your job will be done properly, the first time and every time.

    Tree pruning for Rockland County

    What to Do After a Storm Has Damaged Your Trees

    This section paraphrases the advice given in the article Tree First Aid After A Storm by Arbor Day Foundation in cooperation with the USDA Forest Service and the International Society of Arboriculture.

    Doing the right things after trees have been damaged can make the difference between giving your trees a good chance of survival and losing them unnecessarily. The Arbor Day Foundation urges home and property owners to follow a few simple rules in administering tree first aid after a storm.

    6 Tips on Tree Pruning and Trimming

    1. Don’t try to do it all yourself – use a professional Tree Service
    2. Take safety precautions. Be on the alert for downed powerlines or branches that are hanging or look like they are ready to fall.
    3. Remove any broken branches still attached to the tree. Removing the jagged remains of smaller-sized broken limbs is one common repair that property owners can make after a storm. Again, leave the larger more dangerous items for the professionals.
    4. Repair torn bark. To improve the tree’s appearance and eliminate hiding places for insects, carefully use a chisel or sharp knife to smooth the ragged edges of wounds where the bark has been torn away.
    5. Resist the urge to over prune. Remember that improper trimming can damage and even kill your tree. So, don’t worry if the appearance is not perfect. The new foliage with return as long as the tree is healthy.
    6. Don’t top your trees! Untrained individuals may urge you to cut back all of the branches, on the mistaken assumption that reducing the length of branches will help avoid breakage in future storms.

    Checklist To Help You When Hiring A Tree Service

    1. Make sure the Tree professional you are considering is local, with a track record to prove it. Check, their website to see if they have a deep connection with the community. If they do, it is a good sign. If they are based in the same community they serve and have been operating for a long time, the odds are they have a very good track record.  Ask the service for testimonials and reviews of their service and check the web for them too. Finally check with the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce to see if there are complaints.
    2. Ask what tree care education and training the tree service you are considering has. Have they invested in the proper education that will enable them to not only do the job but to do it in the manner that is safest for you and your trees?
    3. Ask for certificates of insurance, including proof of liability for personal and property damage as well as worker’s compensation and Rockland County Home Improvement License.
    4. Ask for local references. Take a look at some of the work, and if possible, talk with former clients. Experience, education, and a good reputation are signs of a true tree professional.  It has been said that you cannot teach people to care… they either do or they do not.  However, checking with past customers and reading reviews are great ways to determine if the business cares about its quality, reputation, and customers.
    5. Be sure you understand the scope of what work is to be done and for what amount of money. It is generally not a good idea to pay in full until the work is completed.
    6. Beware of prices that are too good to be true. The NYS Dept of Environmental Conservations states: “Beware of estimates that fall well below the average. There may be hidden costs or the professional may not be fully insured or trained.”
    7. Make sure that your tree professional is dedicated to keeping your trees as healthy as possible. If they are, they will not use climbing spikes more than necessary and, will prune and cut your trees while focusing on their health. Beware the service that rushes through the job.
    8. A true tree professional will leave your property neat and clean. Additionally, they will give you accurate and professional advice in a friendly manner. Lastly, their crews will be professional and respectful of you, your family, and your property.
    Emergency Strom Damage Tree service Rockland County

    Emergency Storm Services Provided By Suffern Tree

    Suffern Tree service provides the following emergency storm damage services in the county:

    • Emergency tree removal
    • Tree damage assessment & pruning
    • Storm damage clean up

    If you are in need of emergency services after a storm, we are here to help.  If you have any questions call us at 845-353-4505

    Frequently Asked Tree Care Questions (FAQs)

    Do you remove all the debris?2021-11-26T21:00:03+00:00

    Unless otherwise directed by the homeowner, we haul away all the debris produced in the removal of the tree.

    Do you have firewood for a wood burning stove?2021-11-26T21:04:12+00:00

    Our average firewood length is 18-22.” If your stove requires a smaller length, we process 16” length as well.

    What type of wood is the firewood?2021-11-26T21:05:13+00:00

    All our firewood is a mixture of hardwoods.

    Do I need to be home when the estimate is given?2021-11-26T21:06:11+00:00

    If it is a straightforward project, you do not need to be there. If the project is a bit more complex and needs itemized pricing, we ask that you be there to ensure that nothing is misconstrued.

    Can I get free wood chips delivered?2021-11-26T21:07:03+00:00

    Absolutely, we will give you a truckload for free.

    Can I keep the log from trees you cut down for firewood?2021-11-26T21:07:53+00:00

    Yes – you may keep the wood and we are glad to cut it into the length you desire.

    What is stump grinding?2021-11-26T21:08:41+00:00

    Stump grinding is the process of grinding the stump into chips.  It is performed by a specialty machine with hardened steel teeth on a large wheel and the stump is ground below grade so that the homeowner can reseed or landscape the yard.

    How often should you prune trees?2021-11-26T21:09:45+00:00

    Depending on the types of trees we normally prune trees every year or every other year.

    What season is best for tree service?2021-11-26T21:10:42+00:00

    This depends upon what type of tree is to be trimmed.

    When should I consider tree removal?2021-11-26T21:11:39+00:00

    When a tree has lost 50% of its foliage, it is recommended to remove the tree. If the tree sustains substantial damage in a storm.

    Suffern Tree Service The Value Leader in Tree  Trimming & Pruning In Rockland

    In the end, your trimming a pruning project is all about keeping your trees healthy and you and your family safe. Andrew and his team are dedicated to delivering the highest levels of service and will never cut corners. Customers always appreciate his advice about how to keep their trees healthy and beautiful and safe, Add friendly, personal service at fair rates to the mix and you can understand why Suffern Tree is known as a value leader in the industry. If you are looking for tree pruning and live or have your business in Rockland County, please consider Suffern Tree Service 845-353-4505 – they’ll go the extra mile to keep your trees looking great!

    For Premium Tree Service At Fair Rates Call 845-353-4505
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