How to Select an Arborist or Tree Service in Rockland County That is Best For You

The health and appearance of trees are most affected by the person with the pruning saw. Proper planting, pruning and care of a new tree can lead to a structurally strong and healthy tree that will live for many years. Improper care can drastically shorten the life of a tree and waste the money and time invested in raising it to maturity.

Suffern Tree Services  will perform tree work properly and safely, while an unqualified person or service may further damage the tree and. More importantly, these ill-equipped individuals or companies may be uninsured, placing the burden of liability on you, the client.

Good tree work is not inexpensive. A good professional must carry several kinds of insurance as well as pay for expensive and specialized equipment. Beware of estimates that fall well below the average. There may be hidden costs or the professional may not be fully insured or trained.

5 Keys For hiring a professional arborist or Tree Service in Rockland County 

  1. Check to see how long the tree service has been in business and how long it has served your community. Look for a firm that has deep roots in the communities they serve.

    Ask for certificates of insurance, including proof of liability for personal and property damage and worker’s compensation. Be sure to request their Rockland County Home Improvement License.

  2. Ask for local references. Take a look at some of the work they’ve done and, if possible, talk with former clients. Experience, education and a good reputation are signs of a good professional.
  3. Be sure you understand the scope of the work and the amount being charged. As a rule, it is not a good idea to pay in full at the start of the job; hold off the final payment until the work is completed.
  4. If a price sounds too good to be true, there is a high probability that it is. All tree services have very similar expenses – equipment, insurances and payroll. Make sure the contractor is not cutting corners and putting you and your home at risk in an effort to offer bargain basement pricing that may leave you at risk.

Suffern Tree Service – Delivering Excellence to Rockland Count for over 40 Years

We have built our reputation on superior, friendly service delivered at fair rates since 1978. Our president, Andrew Owen, was born and raised in Rockland County. We encourage you to compare the tree services in Rockland County. We know that you’ll choose us for our quality, know-how and superior customer service. Suffern Tree at 845-353-4505 – you’ll be glad you did!