Suffern Tree Service – Quality and Value since 1978

Suffern Tree Service is owned and operated by Andrew Owen. He and his wife, Nicole, were born and raised in Rockland County. The county has seen many changes over the years, and Andrew is proud to be able to have a hand (literally) in shaping the landscape for his many clients.

Timeline of Suffern Tree Service:

• Founded by Rick Gilmour and partner in 1978

• In 1984 Mr. Gilmour became the sole owner of Suffern Tree Service, Inc.

• In 1995 Andrew Owen began his career in tree service and was a contract climber for other firms

• 2000 Andrew Owen joins Suffern Tree as head climber

• 2003 Andrew assumes project management responsibilities

• 2016 Andrew Owen becomes the owner of Suffern Tree Service, Inc.

Philosophy of Suffern Tree Service

Andrew Owen knows that the best value in tree service is quality that is delivered properly, the first and every time, at fair rates. Homeowners want their yards to reflect well on them, and their trees are a cornerstone to a great looking yard. Since 1978, Suffern Tree has prided itself in taking best possible care of their customers. When Andrew or the crew walk onto a customer’s property, they do so to improve it. Andrew will always listen carefully to a customer’s wants and desires and then lay out the best way to achieve them. All questions are answered courteously and professionally; Suffern Tree Service is ready to supply the information needed. If it’s a matter of choosing, Andrew will go through each option; you’ll understand the pros and cons of each and Andrew will help you select the very best for your unique situation.

Andrew does every estimate and speaks to every customer. He also on every job. Suffern Tree stands out in a world of mediocrity by operating under the time-tested principle that customers should be treated like friends and neighbors. This “old-school” approach to business has built and will continue to build a loyal customer base that knows they can depend on Suffern Tree to deliver true value by keeping their trees and yard beautiful all.

Services Provided By Suffern Tree

Suffern Tree Service, Inc., delivers the following services:

Tree Service

Tree Removal

Tree Pruning

Tree Cabling

Stump Removal & Grinding

Emergency Tree Services

Firewood sales, delivery and stacking

Commercial & Residential Snow Plowing