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Beware of “Fly by Night” Storm Damage Service

After a storm most reputable tree care companies in Rockland County, or anywhere have all the emergency work they can handle. Quality companies rarely have time to go door to door. Beware of firms, especially ones that are not from the area soliciting tree work after storms, seeing an opportunity to earn quick money. Storm damage creates high-risk situations for both workers and property. Legitimate professionals never ask for payment in advance. To avoid scammers, check the background of the contractor. Make sure your emergency tree service has a website and is a long-standing local business. Scammers will often have out-of-state plates and will tell you they just finished a job around the corner and can give you a great discount because they are in the area…. Buyer beware! Check their credentials; make sure that your contractor can produce their insurance certificate, just like you would for any other tree service.

Buyer beware! Check their credentials; ensure that your contractor is able to produce their insurance certificate, just like you would for any other tree service.

When Considering Emergency Tree Service In Rockland County Safety Must Be The 1st Consideration

Trees are often damaged by high winds, snow, ice and other severe weather. Some damage will require immediate attention. Safety is a primary concern when working with trees. Any work that requires a chainsaw or cannot is performed from the ground should be done by a professional tree care service. If a storm requires you to hire a tree removal service, make sure the contractor has safety at the top of his list. Heavy rains can loosen roots and increase the prospect of your trees falling. In all but life-threatening situations, you may want to consider contacting your insurance carrier. Many homeowners’ policies will cover at least part of the cost of tree removal if some structural damage has occurred. Suffern Tree Service only provided emergency services to Rockland County. If you home or business is located here, we’ll get to you as quickly as possible and take great care of you.

For Safe, Prompt Emergency Tree Service In Rockland County – Choose Suffern Tree

Some storms may not break the above-ground portion of the tree but instead might tip the tree over by breaking some of the roots. Trees leaning from root breakage usually do not survive for long. If a tree tips in a storm, it often means the tree had damaged or poorly developed roots before falling or leaning over. Larger, more mature trees rarely survive attempts to pull them back into place. These generally should be removed. After a storm, a true professional will never sacrifice safety. As a matter of fact, they will be more concerned about keeping you, your family and your property safe in these challenging conditions. If your home or business is in Rockland County and you need emergency tree service give Suffern Tree a call now – 845-353-4505, we’ll make sure you are safe and deliver top-notch service.

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Suffern Tree’s Crew providing Emergency Tree Service to Rockland County Homeowner